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Toon Cup 2021 is a funny soccer game. Here, you will get to play as favorite Cartoon Network characters like Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls and We Bare Bears to score epic goals.

Introducing Toon Cup 2021

Build your dream Toon team

Gone are the days when Cristiano Ronaldo dominated the field. Toon Cup 2021 offers a diverse roster of cartoon stars, each with unique skills and stats. Choose the ideal combination of 3 players, considering speed, endurance and strength to balance your team's attack and defense. Remember, a well-rounded team is the key to victory!

Conquer leagues and tournaments

Tournament: Choose from 12 countries across 6 regions and fight your way through 3 knockout matches. Each encounter gets more difficult, so strategize and hone your skills to claim the championship trophy.

Toon Tournament: Immerse yourself in a larger, more challenging arena. Start with promised players from popular shows and gradually work your way up, unlocking 3 major titles. Every match tests your skills, but remember, the greater the challenge, the sweeter the victory!

Unlock new characters and equipment

As you progress, earn in-game currency to unlock 7 more characters with special abilities. Upgrade your team's stats, buy stylish new balls and stadiums, and personalize your experience. Possessing your favorite characters with enhanced skills on the battlefield is the formula for success!

Intuitive controls and engaging gameplay

Mastering Toon Cup 2021 is easy. Use the arrow keys to control movement, press Space to steal the ball and accelerate your shot by holding Space and releasing it at the right time for a powerful attack. Vibrant animations, vibrant sound effects and simple controls create an engaging and fun soccer experience.