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BitLife is a life simulation game developed by Candywriter. Unlike other regular games, this game allows you to take control of a stranger's life, guiding them from birth to the end of their lives.

Introduction to the game

BitLife offers a simple yet engaging gaming experience that differentiates it from other traditional simulation games. Players choose different life activities to suit each stage of the character they are controlling. For example, at age 18, you can decide whether your character will major in college, join the military, or any other activity. The four essential character indicators of health, happiness, appearance and intelligence will determine your character's existence. Paying attention to health is very important, helping the character be able to perform many different activities.

Start your journey

Start BitLife in a randomly assigned country with your parents. Here, you will explore the early stages of life when your character is just a child until you grow old.

Important era

The age of eighteen is pivotal in BitLife, where decisions shape your character's future. In addition to schooling, options such as joining the military or working part-time offer opportunities to earn money and gain experience, influencing subsequent events.

Financial management

Coming to adulthood requires you to learn how to manage finances. Spend money on cars, real estate, start a business or try your luck at the casino. You can also manage assets through the main Menu bar.

Find your soulmate

BitLife will introduce to you an attractive feature that is finding love. Choose your sexual orientation before starting the game, helping you discover your life partner. Note that your decisions may later affect your family and mistakes can cause the family to fall apart.

Player notes

BitLife involves dealing with different aspects of life. Poor choices in diet and drug use can significantly affect your health. Just like in real life, making good decisions allows you to grow, while negative actions can lead to serious consequences.

Features and interface

BitLife's interface simulates a character's diary, listing memorable events every year after each selection. This design brings a soothing and entertaining experience to players.

Player reviews

Players appreciate that BitLife continuously adds new content, ensuring an enjoyable experience for life simulation enthusiasts. The challenges presented are engaging, although some players have expressed a desire for additional features and a more fantasy/adventure-oriented version.

How to play BitLife

Use the mouse to navigate and play the game.