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Big Shot Boxing


Big Shot Boxing will give you the heart-stopping thrill of boxing in this game. Whether you are an experienced boxer or just a beginner, this game will put you in the ring to fight many boxing champions in the world.

Information about Big Shot Boxing

Boxing punches in the game

In Big Shot Boxing, every well-timed strike by you or your opponent can be extremely unpredictable. Therefore, you must always be alert and ready for every situation. Along with that, train yourself to have sharp reflexes and smart thinking.

Discover the novelties of the game

  • Turn the situation around: Even at your weakest moments, you can win with a precise and well-timed punch.
  • Luck and Skill: Sometimes, despite relentless attacks, you can still become the loser when you get hit by an opponent's well-placed attack. Resilience and a little luck play an important role in every match.
  • Legendary Inspiration: The game's characters pay homage to boxing legends. Jesus Sanchez resembles Manny Pacquiao, Gerard Steele resembles Mike Tyson and others channel the styles of Ivan Drago, Joseph Kotey, Tommy Morrison, Conor McGregor, Vasily Lomachenko and more.

You're ready to enter the ring

With exciting gameplay, unpredictable elements and a deeper understanding of the world of boxing, Big Shot Boxing offers a unique and engaging experience. Put on your virtual gloves, step into the ring and test your mettle against worthy opponents. Are you ready to claim your boxing legacy?

How to play

  • Right Arrow: Jab
  • Left Arrow: Cross
  • X: Uppercut
  • Z: Block