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Goober Dash is a game of acrobatics, clumsiness, and tricks to help you win! The new survival platform game from Winterpixel Games, will put you in a vibrant arena with 31 other ball contestants. Everyone is racing with a hope that the crown will belong to themselves.

Overview of the Goober Dash game

Five rounds of fun

Each Goober Dash match takes place in a breathtaking 5-round sprint. Just like the Olympic hurdles, but with slime instead of sand! After each round, the bottom half of the group is eliminated, leaving only the most agile balls to fight. Top 16 in round one? You are gold! Survived round two's brutal eight-way cut? You're halfway there! But only one crowned champion will emerge after the final frenzied showdown.

Random Mayhem

Forget predictable paths and boring maps-Goober Dash keeps you sane in the face of exciting chaos. Each round will take you into a new randomly selected mini-game with unique obstacles and destinations. Imagine a slippery ice skating rink one moment, a dangerous bouncy castle the next! This constant curve keeps things fresh and interesting, ensuring no two matches are ever the same.

Mr. Goober

To conquer this quirky gem, you'll need to master the art of goober-ing. The arrow keys are your best friend, guiding your staggered character through the chaos. But don't forget the spacebar - a well-timed dash can help you overcome pesky obstacles or leave opponents in dust (or slime, so to speak).

Dress to Impress (or Slime-Press)

Goober Dash isn't just about winning; It's about expressing your inner goober! The game's store is a treasure trove of customization options. Outfit your character with colorful outfits, fun hats and stylish shirts. Want a sword-wielding slime samurai? Let's try it! A goober disco queen? The possibilities are endless!

More than just a Royale

Goober Dash doesn't just offer chaotic freebies to everyone. Level exploration allows you to compete with players around the world in a classic battle royale format. Craving a private playground? Custom games let you create your own room and invite your friends for some personalized slime sliding fun. And for the truly creative, Create Mode unlocks goober's ultimate power; build your own maps!

Function of Goober Dash

  • 5 round battle royale with many fun mini games.
  • Randomly generated maps for endless replayability.
  • Master the art of goober-ing: move, jump and rush to victory.
  • Customize your character with skins, hats and accessories.
  • Explore levels: classic battle royale mode with global competition.
  • Custom games: create your own room and play with friends.
  • Creative mode: unleash your inner architect and build your own maps.