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Mini Tennis Club


Description of Mini Tennis Club

Mini Tennis Club will take you into a tennis tournament full of formidable players. In this game, you will take on the role of a professional tennis player competing in major tournaments

Train a champion

In the game, you will hone your racket smashing skills to become professional athletes. Entering practice mode, you need to master how to hold the racket to launch sophisticated and perfect shots like a professional athlete. The game is not just a place to play games for fun but it is also a smithy where champions are created.

Join the tournament

Once you have mastered the basic controls, prepare to enter intense tournaments. When you step on the field, you will be facing opponents around the world. So every round is one time you show yourself to the whole world. Observe and think about how to hit the racket quickly with good reflexes to win and become the champion of the game.

Feature of Mini Tennis Club

  • Dedicated training regimen to hone your tennis skills.
  • Competitive tournaments to test your mettle against other players.
  • Simple and intuitive mouse controls for precise gaming.
  • Fast-paced action and pixel-perfect graphics deliver an exciting experience.

How to play Mini Tennis Club

Use your mouse and play this game