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Chicken Merge


Chicken Merge is a fun game where you can merge cute chickens together to create bigger chickens and build a powerful chicken coop.

About the Chicken Merge game

If you are a fan of farm-themed games that combine strategic elements, then Chicken Merge is a game that you cannot miss. This is one of the games that created a turning point for the merger genre. And here is a more detailed look at this game as well as some of its outstanding features.

How to play on PC

Chicken Merge is optimized for multiple platforms, including PC. The controls are simple, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience. The main control method involves using the mouse to interact with the game elements. Click on chickens to select them, then drag and drop them together to start the merging process.

Unique Features

Attractive Graphics and Soundtrack:

  • Visuals: The game boasts vibrant, eye-catching graphics that bring the farm environment to life.
  • Sound: The cheerful soundtrack enhances the overall gameplay experience, making it both visually and aurally appealing.

Distinct Chicken Characters

Each chicken in the game has its own unique traits and personalities. From fast-running chickens to expert egg-laying chickens, discovering and merging different chickens adds to the fun and complexity.

  • Strategic Merges:Unlike regular merging games, Chicken Merge incorporates a strategic element. Thoughtful chicken merging can create special chicken breeds with enhanced abilities, adding a strategic dimension that requires players to carefully plan their moves.
  • Expanding the Farm:As you progress in the game, you can expand your farm, unlocking new areas, rare chicken breeds, and unique upgrades. This constant expansion introduces new challenges and objectives, making the game more engaging.


With user-friendly controls and innovative features, Chicken Merge is suitable for players of all ages. The strategic elements and constant farm expansion add depth and keep the game dynamic and exciting. Whether you are a casual gamer or a seasoned strategist, Chickens Merge offers hours of fun on your virtual farm.