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Football Superstars 2024


Football Superstars 2024 is a fast-paced and engaging soccer game. Your task in this game is to control a football team participating in a major football tournament and the biggest goal is to win the championship cup.

Introducing Football Superstars 2024

Choose a team

In this game, you will have full freedom to choose your favorite team. From the football teams of the world's great powers to emerging football teams. All appear in this game. You should choose a team that you love and feel is most suitable for you to bring them to the top of glory the same way you brought the team in the game Penalty Shooters 2 to victory.

Game modes

The developers of this game offer you two choices of game modes. One is to play on friendly mode and the other is to participate in tournaments. If you are a new player, you should challenge yourself to play friendly mode first to hone your personal skills. Once you've mastered it, join the tournament mode. In this mode, you will participate in international matches. Each match will last 90 minutes so you can comfortably control your team with pre-determined strategies.

Master the game

  • Use the arrow keys to move around.
  • Use the A key to long pass.
  • Use the S key to switch players or to pass the ball.
  • Use the D key to shoot the ball or tackle the opponents

Function of Football Superstars 2024

  • Choose from many teams and wear their colors with pride.
  • Challenge yourself in friendly matches or conquer Tournament Mode.
  • Master the intuitive controls and unleash your soccer skills.
  • Immerse yourself in colorful 2D graphics and engaging gameplay.