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Kopanito All-stars Soccer


Embark on an immersive journey into the world of soccer excellence with Kopanito All-Stars Soccer. Dive into real matches involving highly skilled players, where you must constantly demonstrate your abilities to win.

Searching for World Football Superstar 2022

Champion dream and global fandom

In its bid to be crowned the 2022 World Football Superstar champion, your team boasts fans across the globe. The trust and support of the worldwide fan community creates an unbreakable bond that requires unwavering dedication. Every season and match has huge significance, requiring you to approach each match with the intensity of a final match. In essence, do your best to become the ultimate champion.

Take responsibility on the field

As a key component of large teams, the spotlight will be on you. Show off your abilities, prove that your abilities are superior to all others. Inspired by the iconic quote from Spider-Man: No Way Home - "With great power comes great responsibility" - fight not only for personal glory but also for your teammates and the world. Most importantly, for your beloved fans.

Motivation in gameplay and pursuit of championships

Start your gaming adventure by choosing between competitive mode and friendly mode. With seven teams at your disposal to choose from individually and against opponents, quickly choose your favorite team and join the match. Navigate the field intelligently, gain control of the ball and make strategic passes to teammates. Use the ball wisely to block important challenges from your opponents. Move closer to the target, make a timely shot, adjust the shooting force with the D button and the shooting direction with the left and right arrow buttons. Take advantage of the mini map in the corner to get a panoramic view of the ballpark. Although the game's mechanics are simple, the excitement it creates is unmatched. Pursue your goals and achieve the coveted title of world champion!

Notable features

Crazy match atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere of intense soccer matches.

Two tournament modes: Choose between competitive mode and friendly mode for a diverse gaming experience.
Simple gameplay: Enjoy simple gameplay mechanics for an accessible and enjoyable gaming experience.
Beautiful 2D graphics: Enjoy visually appealing 2D graphics that enhance the overall gaming experience.

How to play

Menu control

  • Arrow keys to navigate
  • Enter to accept
  • ESC to go back

Game control

  • Arrow keys to move
  • A key for the lobe
  • S key to switch or convert
  • D key to shoot or miss