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Among Us


Among Us takes players into the lives of a spaceship crew, where each player's fate depends on their ability to impersonate and eliminate others or detect and expose the impostor among them.

Deceive or Detect: The Final Challenge

In Among Us, you play as a cunning impostor among a group of astronauts on a giant spaceship. Unlike a regular ship, this ship has been infiltrated by an impostor whose goal is to eliminate the crew members. Your mission as the impostor is to kill the astronauts without being detected.

With a limited time frame for each challenge, it is important to catch the perfect moment to strike. Failing to kill without being caught or being detected during an assassination attempt will result in mission failure. Therefore, planning and executing a perfect plan without attracting attention is key.

Despite being a horror-themed game, Among Us is much less intense than titles like FNAF Sister Location. The game is designed for kids, minimizing violence while emphasizing strategic thinking and skillful gameplay to overcome each challenge.

Master the art of assassination

To avoid raising suspicion, mimic the actions of regular astronauts by exploring rooms to find the impostor. This tactic not only helps you blend in, but also allows you to familiarize yourself with the layout of the ship, making for more effective assassinations. Avoid behaviors that may attract unwanted attention.

To successfully kill someone, follow an astronaut and corner them in an area where no one will notice. Choosing a dimly lit location will increase your chances of successfully assassinating them without being detected. If your target seems too dangerous to approach, switch your focus to another astronaut to optimize your time and minimize danger.