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Penalty Kick Wiz is a fast-paced game that recreates penalty shootouts. In this game, you will have to confront your opponents and experience the excitement of winning

About Penalty Kick Wiz

Simple controls, deep challenges: Overcome your opponents

Penalty Kick Wiz offers simple gameplay for everyone. As the shooter, click to choose the shooting position to defeat the goalkeeper's dive. As a goalkeeper, react quickly to the attacker's kick and click to rush in the direction of the ball and block it. Can you predict your opponents' moves and outsmart them? Can you maintain composure under pressure and execute the perfect shot or dive?

Conquer championship trophies

Having to compete with a series of other strong teams, your mission is to score more goals than them. Each victory will bring you closer to winning those coveted trophies and cementing your reputation as a penalty kick master.

Tips and tricks play Penalty Kick Wiz

  • Keep the goalkeeper guessing: Change the direction and force of your shot to avoid being predictable.
  • Read your competitors: Observe their trends and predict their actions.
  • Timing is key: As the attacker, shoot just before the goalkeeper dives. As a defender, rush in at the right time to maximize your reach.

Instructions for playing the game

Use your left mouse and play this game