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Crazy Flips 3D is a sports game in which you will be shown beautiful acrobatics. Your task is to perform beautiful acrobatics as required by the game from towering heights to scary cliffs looking down.

Gravity defying challenge

Immerse yourself in the world of Crazy Flips 3D, the appeal of the game lies in the fact that it describes the movements of people when tumbling through the image processing methods that the game publishers have used for the game. This. You will jump off cliffs or high-rise buildings and aim for predetermined targets. It's a thrilling game, isn't it?

Instructions for playing Crazy Flips 3D

  • Master the art of flipping: Control time and precision
  • Launch location: Press and hold the left click button to initiate a launch position for your character.
  • Aerial operations: Release the left mouse button to push the character into the air, aim at targets or overcome obstacles.
  • Flipping in mid-air: While flying in the air, press and hold the left mouse button to perform spectacular somersaults in the air.
  • Landing location: Release the left mouse button while flipping the character to determine the landing position.
  • Scoring system: Earn 100 points for a successful flip when the character lands in a standing position.
  • Target square: Each square of mini-targets contains different point values based on landing difficulty.
  • Level progression: Accumulate the necessary points to advance to the next level, facing additional challenges and obstacles.