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Capybara Clicker


Capybara Clicker is a clicker game, where you will build a large, fertile land for guinea pigs who like to meet rodents to live. Through this game, you can see the living habits of this lovely mouse.

About Capybara Clicker

Capybara paradise

Start by clicking on your capybara friend and watch their population multiply with each tap. As your adorable army grows, invest in upgrades to enhance their fertility, resulting in billions of capybaras with every click! Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer cuteness? Don't worry, the handy "up" button lets you start fresh with permanent power increases, ensuring your capybara empire continues to grow.

Creativity for mice

Capybaras are already adorable, but why not make them even more stylish? Unlock a variety of outfits for your capybara, from tropical wreaths to dapper hats, each reflecting growing population milestones and current weather. So whether they're sunbathing or relaxing in a cozy blizzard, your capybara will always look their best.


Left mouse button

Release date

November 2022




Web browser

Special features of Capybara Clicker

  • Automate your capybara production: Let the automated clicker do the heavy lifting while you admire your growing empire.
  • Adjust the weather: Choose sunny skies, showers or even a snowy wonderland to create the perfect atmosphere for your capybara.
  • Track your progress: Track your capybara numbers, earnings and achievements to see how far you've come.