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Penalty Shooter 3

Penalty Shooters 3 is a game about football, where you will play the role of a player who shows off his free kick ability to score on the 11m50 penalty spot

Introducing about Penalty Shooters 3

Exceeded normal level

Penalty Shoots 3 elevates the penalty game genre with exciting features that help you have much more comfortable gaming hours. Explore new dimensions with the power of additional strategic elements. Surprise your opponents with deceptive wall-to-wall moves or experience the goalkeeper's lightning-fast reflexes. Each encounter turns into a unique puzzle, requiring quick thinking and calculated risks.

Journey from newcomer to glory

Go beyond simple kicks and challenges in Level Challenges, where you take on increasingly formidable opponents. Conquer each penalty to unlock the prestigious World Cup, participate in a thrilling tournament with other teams to win the ultimate glory. However, be careful—the path to victory is filled with challenges. Strategically manage power-ups earned through in-game achievements and fine-tune your shooting style to keep opponents guessing.

Deep understanding of leadership

Savvy power play

Make the most of your limited power-ups by deploying them strategically at key moments. A well-timed wall move can turn an anticipated shot into a miss, while the goalkeeper's acceleration can close the gap on even the boldest of efforts.

Read Kicker

As a goalkeeper, hone your observation skills. Pay attention to your opponent's body language and posture, predict their shooting direction, and adjust your jump accordingly.

Mix it up

Predictability is the enemy. Vary your shots, alternating between power and finesse to keep the goalkeeper on high alert. A precise shot past a diving goalkeeper can be as satisfying as a rocket into the top corner.

Penalty kick 3 proficiently

Penalty Shoots 3 goes beyond simply scoring goals; it's about mastering the art of the penalty shootout. Step onto the virtual court, lace up your shoes and prepare yourself for a thrilling test of skill, strategy and nerve. Will you become the glorious winner of the last penalty?

Game details

  • Developer: Dead Parrot Interactive
  • Platform: Web browser (PC and mobile)
  • English language