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Pill Soccer


Pill Soccer is a fast-paced soccer game for casual to expert gamers. When participating in this game, you will control a character with a strange appearance. Your task is to control the striker or head to bring the ball towards the opponent's goal. With each round lasting 90 seconds, each shot you make can unexpectedly change the outcome of the match.

Diverse game modes

At Pill Soccer you will be provided by the game publishers with three different game modes to meet your preferences:

Quick Match

This is a suitable mode for you to practice your gaming skills and sharp reflexes in a randomly arranged match to compete with another player.

2-player quick match

In this mode, you can invite your friends to participate in two-player matches and experience the thrill of competing with a friend sitting right next to you.

Tournament (Unlockable)

Also play with your friends and randomly arranged friends around the world. You can also participate in major tournaments when you accumulate enough gems and unlock Tournament mode. When participating in this mode, you will have to be extremely careful because in these tournaments, all professional and extremely skilled gamers gather.

Design your own character

As you progress in Pill Soccer, you can unlock new skins to personalize your cartoon character. Stand out on the field and show off your unique style!

Instructions for playing the game

Pill Soccer has extremely simple controls. You just need to use the arrow keys to move and the Z and X keys to kick the ball and head the ball. With such a simple control, you can see that this game is suitable for everyone around the world.