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Poptropica is one of the fascinating exploration games, where you will play as a potential explorer whose task is to complete the tasks given by the game publisher throughout the adventure.

The story begins

You come to an ancient town and meet a girl. During the conversation, a thief has stolen the town's giant statue. The girl asks you to help chase the culprit. Although you cannot catch the thief immediately, you will meet some individuals who can assist you. To receive their help, you must complete the tasks they give you to collect important clues.

Rich missions and storylines in Poptropica

Start by choosing your favorite character and embark on a challenging journey. You will visit a village and interact with many different characters, helping them restore the happy ending that was stolen.

Main Quest

Help Cinderella: A fairy asks you to help Cinderella get to the prince's party. Rain and steep slopes hinder her journey, so you have to carry her to the destination, overcoming obstacles such as fallen trees and mud.

Find Snow White's true love: Snow White has fallen asleep after being poisoned. Your mission is to find her true love to wake her up. Spoiler alert: the prince is not her true love. Many other quests are waiting for you to discover.

Game Controls

Move and interact: Use your mouse to navigate, communicate and interact in the game.

Experience the thrill of Poptropica and immerse yourself in a world filled with quests, adventures and an engaging storyline.