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Thumb Fighter


Introduction of game

Thumb Fighter is a game that helps you entertain yourself after a long tiring day. In this game, you can invite more friends to play with you or play with the computer. The goal is to defeat them by pinning their thumbs to the floor, depleting their energy bar.

Defeat your enemies

In Thumb Fighter, the battles are extremely attractive and unique when you bring your thumb to fight. You will have to hit your opponent's thumb until you win. And if the opponent is the one who depletes the HP bar first, your opponent will lose. Each match will have a maximum of 3 rounds and if the player wins the first 2 rounds, he will be the winner.

A useful tip for success is to let your opponent go first, then counterattack. This strategy can cause significant damage to your opponent, increasing your chances of winning.

Features of Thumb Fighter

The game offers many interesting features, including 40 different skins. Players can unlock new skins after each battle and use them in subsequent matches. You can even choose a skin for your opponent, adding to the fun. In addition, you can change the background to make the game more interesting, with options such as Room, Jakarta, Moscow, San Francisco, etc.

Thumb Fighter includes two game modes:

  • P1 vs P2: Play with friends or family on the same device.
  • P1 vs CPU: Challenge the AI, which can be quite smart and challenging.


  • Player 1: Use the A key.
  • Player 2: Use the L key.

If this game piques your interest, join in and experience the fun! For more interesting games, you may also like Penalty Shooters 2 and Football Masters. Enjoy the game!