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Description of Dino Jump

Dino Jump takes you into a primitive playground where pixelated dinosaurs unleash their inner parkour masters! This is no ordinary dinosaur game but a heart-stopping sprint through time, where every jump defies gravity and every dodge holds danger.

Travel through time, step by step

Dino Jump is more than just a game; it's a time machine. Fly through prehistoric landscapes, from verdant forests teeming with ancient life to sunlit deserts where bones whiten under the unrelenting sun. Each biome throws a new glove at your feet - treacherous volcanoes, erupting geysers and canyons yawning like prehistoric chasms. Prepare to be amazed, not only by the pixelated beauty but also by the sheer scale of this lost world.

Run, Jump, Fly - Choose your dinosaur power

Forget about generic heroes - Dino Jump lets you choose your prehistoric friend! Become Baby Rex, a furry and angry figure who dashes through the bushes with acrobatic ease. Or take to the skies as a Pterodactyl, creating graceful arcs through the air and leaving obstacles in your pixelated dust. If brute strength is your game then the Parasaur is your prehistoric counterpart, its mighty horns clearing the way through the harshest terrain. Choose wisely, as each dinosaur has unique skills that will determine your escape.

Pixel Perfection, Vibrant Rhythms

Dino Jump isn't just about gameplay; it's an amazing experience Bright pixel art brings the primordial world to life, every leaf, every rock, every jumping lizard rendered in vivid detail. Obstacles sparkle with danger, while your dino companion moves with a fluidity that belies its blocky form. And then there's the soundtrack is a rhythmic symphony of chiptune beats that will fuel your prehistoric sprint and turn every near-miss into a heart-pounding thrill.

Master the leap, conquer the rankings

Dino Jump is not just about survival; it's about pushing your limits. Discover hidden powers that give your dinosaur unimaginable abilities. Learn how to anticipate the ever-changing landscape, timing your jumps with pixel-perfect precision. Race against friends and foes on a global leaderboard, etching your name in the annals of prehistoric parkour.

Key function of Dino Jump

  • Travel through diverse prehistoric biomes, each with its own challenges.
  • Choose your dinosaur champion: the agile Baby Rex, the soaring Pterodactyl or the mighty Parasaur.
  • Master the art of jumping, dodging and flying through dangerous landscapes.
  • Discover hidden powers and hone your skills to conquer increasing difficulty.
  • Compete with friends and the world on global leaderboards.
  • Immerse yourself in beautiful pixel art and a vibrant chiptune soundtrack.

Control your dinosaur

Use your left click or space bar to control your dinosaur