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Tomb of The Mask


Tomb of The Mask is a maze escape game in which you will have to control the character through extremely complex mazes full of dangers and traps. The challenge that the game gives is that you have to conquer these mazes.

How to controls Tomb of The Mask

You can control your character using one of the following control methods:

  • WASD keys
  • Arrow keys

These keys allow you to move in all directions, which is essential for navigating complex mazes. Mastering movement is an important factor for success in Tomb of the Mask.

Gameplay rules

In Tomb of the Mask, you must follow two main rules:

Reach the destination

Each level has a unique maze with a specific destination. To progress, you must guide your character to this end point safely. The mazes are very complex, making this task difficult. Also, collect all the glowing dots and coins scattered throughout the maze.

Avoid obstacles and traps

As you progress to higher levels, the number of obstacles increases. Colliding with spikes or traps will force you to restart the level. Some obstacles, like blocks or walls, simply hinder your movement. Unlike Magic Cat Academy, where enemies are the main threat, in Tomb of the Mask, the main danger comes from obstacles. Therefore, avoiding these traps is very important.

  • Additional Modes: In addition to the level-based gameplay, Tomb of the Mask also offers an Arcade mode.
  • Arcade mode: This mode puts you in an endless maze filled with rising poison. You must continue moving upwards to avoid the poison while navigating around moving spikes and other hazards that appear unpredictably.

Join the game now to test your skills in these thrilling mazes and see if you can master Tomb of the Mask!