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Angry Birds Rio


Angry Birds Rio is an exciting addition to the beloved Angry Birds series. Developed by Rovio Entertainment, your mission in the game is to rescue kidnapped birds and introduce everyone around you to the beautiful scenery of Rio de Janeiro.

About Angry Birds Rio

Liberation of tropical birds

Starts with a strange setting of Rio de Janeiro, where kidnapped Angry Birds are transported to this city. As a new player, your goal is to free the heroic birds.

Take control of the situation

Becoming a skilled bird thrower requires mastering the controls of the game. You just need to touch and drag to adjust the trajectory and release to launch your bird. Accuracy will become very important as you progress through each level as the game gets more difficult as you progress.

Complex controls

Each level in Angry Birds Rio offers its own challenges, including complex terrain and wisely placed enemies. Experiment with different types of birds, each with its own special abilities. This will help you rescue your teammates more easily.

Power-enhancing items

Angry Birds Rio introduces exciting enhancements and power-ups that can tip the scales in your favor. Game developers provide you with explosive fruits to help you increase your destructive ability. Using these items can be your key to overcoming seemingly impossible levels.

Tips for playing Angry Birds Rio

  • Evaluate the structure: Take some time to evaluate the structure of each level. Identifying weak spots can help you execute complex setups with fewer shots.
  • Birds' abilities: Understand the unique abilities of each bird species. Whether it's Red's frontal attack or Chuck's quick dash, strategically deploying each bird can be a game changer.
  • Power-Up Intelligence: While power-ups can be tempting, save them for challenging levels or situations where they can make a significant impact.

Game controls

It's very easy, you just need to use the left mouse button to drag and drop to play this game.

With easy controls, engaging storyline and strategic gameplay, Angry Birds Rio promises to bring hours of exciting entertainment. In addition, you can also experience other games on our website. The best games are probably Penalty Shooters 2 and Football Master.