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Soccer Bros


Soccer Bros is a sports game where you will compete 1 vs 1 with other players. Your mission is within 90 seconds to score as many goals as possible.

About Soccer Bros

Choose your players

The list of players in this game is very diverse. Continuously updated by game developers, you can find any player you love in real life. Each player will have their own special abilities. For example, Brazilian players have the ability to dribble the ball lightning fast, while the British have the ability to steal the ball in a flash. The choice is still yours to find the player who best suits your playing style.

Character control

  • Player 1: Use WASD to maneuver the character. Press G/Space to kick.
  • Player 2: Use the arrow keys to control the character. Press L/Space to kick.

World Challenge

If matches against the computer were too boring. You can completely climb the game's rankings to challenge other opponents from around the world to become the game's champion.

Key feature

  • Fun 1v1 arcade soccer action with oversized heads and gravity-defying gameplay.
  • Diverse cast of characters with unique personalities and abilities.
  • Intuitive controls for easy pick-up and play but with depth for you to master.
  • Score excellent goals, master penalty kicks and make sharp tackles.
  • Challenge friends locally or battle online players for global domination.