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Flappy Birds


Flappy Birds is a mobile game that has won the hearts of everyone around the world since 2014. Your task in this game is to control your bird through water pipes to explore new places.

About Flappy Birds

Bird flight plan

Created by a Vietnamese programmer, Flappy Bird revolves around a simple goal: guide your bird through a maze of pipes without crashing into them.

Master the game

Achieving success in Flappy Bird depends on your mastery of the game's controls. A light tap on the screen will cause the bird to flap its wings, creating a slight lift. The problem is that you will have to time your wings flapping properly. If you flap your wings too late or too early, you will easily crash into the tubes.

Test your patience

When playing you should have a method of measuring, calibrating, assessing pipe distances and carefully timing your wing beats. If you do not align properly, as mentioned above, you will easily crash into the pipe. So you have to be very calm and patient otherwise you will only get frustrated.

Safe distance

Instead of focusing on the bird, you should pay attention to the distance between the gaps as well. This will greatly limit your chances of crashing and also help you travel longer distances.

Guide play

Whether you are a seasoned Flappy Bird player or a newbie ready to test your virtual wings, remember that to be a man in this world you must learn to flap wisely but not haphazardly.