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Breaking the Bank will take you into the fascinating world of robberies. Here intelligence will be the most necessary factor to help you escape prison safely. Your mission in the game is that you will wear the mask of a daring thief, plotting to rob a large amount of money from the bank.

Breaking the Bank game overview

Twisted Story, Hilarious Hijinks

Developed by the founders of Pufffballs United. Breaking the Bank combines witty storytelling with humorous challenges that will make you laugh. Be prepared for unexpected circumstances that leave you unable to react in time.

Instructions for passing the game

To pass each level of this game, you will not need to learn too complicated controls. Simply use the mouse and choose an exit to escape the wall and you have completed this game. However, do it as quickly and stealthily as possible. Just maybe, you will complete the robbery smoothly and become a legend in the criminal underground.

Valuable advice for players

Always be alert and highly focused. Each level is a puzzle waiting to be solved. Find hidden clues, secret shortcuts that no one knows about to pass the level you are playing

Time is money

Plan your move correctly. Whether dodging lasers or disabling alarms, split-second timing can turn a risky attack into a smooth escape.

Embrace chaos

Don't be afraid to make a wrong turn on dead-end streets. This experiment is the key to finding a solution or discovering a series of humorous disasters happening on many sides.

Learn from terrible failures

Every theft is a lesson about theft. Analyze your mistakes, adjust your strategy and watch your skills grow.

Main function

  • Interactive heist adventure with amusing humor and unexpected twists.
  • Simple click controls for players of all levels.
  • Branching plot with many choices and consequences.
  • Hilarious results and epic moments of failure.
  • Fun replayable game - try different options and discover new avenues for loot.