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Magic Cat Academy


Magical Cat Academy is a thrilling adventure game. Here, you will transform into a powerful witch cat ready to face all lurking dangers.

About Magical Cat Academy game

A mystery wrapped in fur

Studying was peaceful when suddenly the academy was disturbed by a mischievous ghost. This is the person who brought chaos to the classroom, then took away your spell book and escaped into the academy's halls. Use the magic you've learned to hunt down the thief ghost and regain your lost power before it's too late.

Unleash your magical power

Joining the game you will face five mysterious rooms, each room is filled with strange paranormal phenomena. Work your magic using a whimsical wand to draw mystical symbols that will slay undead ghosts. But pay attention! Just one wrong shot can cause you to pay a very high price.

Be careful with unlit rooms

Be careful! If you touch any ghost then you will lose your precious life. But fear not, brave witch! Keep an eye out for the cats with hearts appearing above their heads - their presence will help you kill enemies quickly.

So, are you ready to unravel the mystery, retrieve the stolen spell book, and prove your magical mettle? The door of Magic Cat Academy is waiting for you, filled with challenges. Practice your magic, polish your wand, and prepare for an exciting adventure you'll never forget!

Main function

  • Transform into a magical cat witch!
  • Chase a mischievous ghost through five enchanting rooms.
  • Master the art of drawing symbols to defeat zombie-shaped enemies.
  • Navigate with your whimsical magic bike.
  • Collect lives from friendly feline friends.
  • Unravel a spooky mystery and get your stolen spellbook back!

How to play Magical Cat Academy

Use your mouse to draw strange shapes that will take down the ghosts surrounding you

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