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Dynamons 7


Dynamons 7 is an engaging game that combines monster-catching and combat mechanics. As you join this game, you will be able to visit various islands, capture and train unique creatures called Dynamons. The game boasts over 180 different Dynamons, each with its own set of strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities.

Game Background

A sequel to the beloved Dynamons League, Dynamons 7 was released in 2023. Set in a vibrant world, players capture and train Dynamons to fight other players and NPCs. The game's engaging storyline and complex mechanics make it a standout in the monster-catching genre.

How to Play

Catch Dynamons

Get acquainted with the game's combat mechanics before venturing into areas like the Tall Pines forest. Keep an eye out for wild Dynamons and use your action cards to direct Dynamons' moves. When a wild Dynamon is weakened, use the Dismatch device to capture it and add it to your team.

Trainer Battles

Throughout your adventure, you will face other Dynamon trainers and captains in 1v1 turn-based battles. Choose your team carefully and utilize special attacks and powers to gain the upper hand. Winning these battles will earn valuable items and unlock new areas on the map.

Item Management

The items collected in battles will be stored in your backpack. You can access your inventory to select and use items whenever needed, aiding in the progression and enhancing your Dynamon's abilities.

Dynamon Evolves

Some Dynamons can evolve when they reach certain levels. Participate in battles or use special items to upgrade them. Evolving them will increase their power and unlock new offensive and defensive moves for their battle decks.

New Features

  • New Dynamons: Discover and collect dozens of new Dynamons, each with a more diverse design and abilities.
  • Enhanced Graphics: Enjoy a graphical overhaul that brings the game world and Dynamons to life with greater detail and life.
  • Engaging Story: Embark on an exciting adventure across a variety of regions, driven by a deeper and more engaging story.
  • Refined Combat Mechanics: Experience improved combat mechanics and new strategic elements that challenge you to think creatively and defeat your opponents.

Dynamons 7 builds on its predecessors by offering a richer, more detailed world and a more complex combat system, ensuring an engaging experience for both new and seasoned players.